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25 Mar 2007 - Welcome to Lion Tracker!


After our 50th reunion (Class of 1958) was over (and what fun it was!), and all the bills paid, it was decided that a very few dollars that were left over could go to a "living" Lion Tracker.  The purpose of Lion Tracker is to allow everyone a "forum" to discuss virtually anything you want that may be of interest to classmates.  I am in the process of setting up individual "boards" with the names of each classmate and a "Bio" if it exists that will become a permanent entry on the forum.  As you want to share news you can add it to your personal bulletin board or to one of the "General Discussion" bulletin boards.

TO REGISTER, click on the "Register" tab above and enter a user name and pick a password (at least 4 characters long).  You then need to assemble the picture in the frame below that.  That prevents (so far) commercial "bots" from registering commercials on our site!  Once you've done that you can log in and make posts to your "Board" (like a bulletin board with you name on it) and most other boards as well.  The little black arrow just to the left of each category title allows the category to be collapsed or expanded to allow you access to everything in the category. 

The "Home" tab will take you to current news (like this).  If you have anything you'd like to share with everyone, it can appear as a "news" item on the "Home" page or as part of one of the forum headings.  If you click on the lion logo above, you will go directly to the Forum page which will show a list of members (that I've had time to enter so far, ultimately to include everyone).  You can also search on a name to find the entry.  


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10 Nov 2008 - Easy to Use.-


All you need to do is Register and Login, then if you want to add an entry to one of the member names, click on the name, then click on New Topic.  Be sure to enter a topic name, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.  If you'd like to enter a new topic in "General Discussion", simply click on "General Discussion", then New Topic, enter a topic name, and the rest is easy.  

If you've clicked on the name or "General Discussion", then clicked on a topic under that heading, you are given the opportunity to "Reply" to that entry by clicking on "REPLY".  An entry form that looks like the "New Topic" form comes up so you can create a "reply" to the subject you've just reviewed.

If you'd like to see a new category (at the level of "General Discussion"), let me know and I'll get it set up.

Happy Posting!
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10 Nov 2008 - Attach Picture


You can enter up to 4 pictures when you make a post to the bulletin boards.  To do so, simply click on a name, or "General Discussion", then click on "NEW TOPIC".  This will open a form for you to make your post.  Be sure to input a Subject Name where requested and you must type something in the main text area.  The logical entry would be a caption for the picture or pictures attached.

Then click on "Additional Options" and on the end of the line beginning with "Attach", click "Browse".  That will take you to a directory of the files on your computer.  Then navigate to the file you want to include in the post (smaller than 128 KBytes) and click on it.  When you then click on the "Post" button at the bottom, a "thumbnail" of your picture will appear below your post.  

When you go back to the Forum (by clicking on the logo), navigate to the location of your entry and you should be able to see the thumbnail.  Clicking on the thumbnail will expand the picture to its native size.

A  128 KByte picture in .jpg format can be as large as about 5" x 7".
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You may have noticed now that when you open, the category "Class of 1958" is collapsed, that is, it doesn't show any of the names that are in that category.  All you need to do is click on "Class of 1958" and it will "expand"  to show the names of the individuals classmates in that category.  Without this option, when you go to, potentially you could have a very long first page, especially if other classes opt to join us on this site.  Now, however, all that will show when you first get to the site is "Class of 1958", "Class of 1959", etc.  Once you've logged on, the settings you used when you were last on are used.  So if you have "Class of 1958" expanded to show the names of class members, and you log off, when you sign in again, the site will appear the same as when you last logged off.

The bottom line is, when you need to look at a particular classmate's bulletin board, you will need to click on "Class of 1958" or whatever class year you want to access someone's name from.

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