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Title: Bio (2008)
Post by: Rocke Warren on April 23, 2013, 11:38:08 AM
Husband:  Bob (Corriea)
     •Gene, 47, wife, Dawn.  Children:  Alexandra, 12 and son, Benjamin, 13
     •Sara, 45.  Children:  Caughter, April, 26 and son Andrew, 20
     •Twyla, 43
     •Bob has four children
     •Thirteen between both of us
Great Grandchildren:
     •Six great grandchildren between Bob and Corolene

Bob and Corolene are officially retired, however, Bob plays for McDougal Brothers whenever he gets the chance to run cat.

Corolene’s son, Gene, lives in Junction City and works for United Pipe.  Her daughter, Sara, lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and works for Qwest as a network technician.  Twyla works for Weyerhaeuser at Cottage Grove.  Corolene volunteers for Master Recyclers and for the Applegate Art Gallery in Veneta.  She also spends time at the family farm with her Mom and siblings in Delight Valley (which is not very delightful with the freeway running through it).