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You can enter up to 4 pictures when you make a post to the bulletin boards.  To do so, simply click on a name, or "General Discussion", then click on "NEW TOPIC".  This will open a form for you to make your post.  Be sure to input a Subject Name where requested and you must type something in the main text area.  The logical entry would be a caption for the picture or pictures attached.

Then click on "Additional Options" and on the end of the line beginning with "Attach", click "Browse".  That will take you to a directory of the files on your computer.  Then navigate to the file you want to include in the post (smaller than 128 KBytes) and click on it.  When you then click on the "Post" button at the bottom, a "thumbnail" of your picture will appear below your post.  

When you go back to the Forum (by clicking on the logo), navigate to the location of your entry and you should be able to see the thumbnail.  Clicking on the thumbnail will expand the picture to its native size.

A  128 KByte picture in .jpg format can be as large as about 5" x 7".

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