You may have noticed now that when you open, the category "Class of 1958" is collapsed, that is, it doesn't show any of the names that are in that category.  All you need to do is click on "Class of 1958" and it will "expand"  to show the names of the individuals classmates in that category.  Without this option, when you go to, potentially you could have a very long first page, especially if other classes opt to join us on this site.  Now, however, all that will show when you first get to the site is "Class of 1958", "Class of 1959", etc.  Once you've logged on, the settings you used when you were last on are used.  So if you have "Class of 1958" expanded to show the names of class members, and you log off, when you sign in again, the site will appear the same as when you last logged off.

The bottom line is, when you need to look at a particular classmate's bulletin board, you will need to click on "Class of 1958" or whatever class year you want to access someone's name from.

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