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55th Class Reunion at King Estate in Lorane (Page 1)
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:36:01 PM »
Fifty-five classmates and spouses (and a couple of children of classmates) gathered at the north site of the King Estate Winery on August 3rd for getting re-acquainted with each other and enjoying each other's company and the beautiful facilities there.  Sweet Dreams Bakery in Eugene delivered the cake we ordered with the pictures of 146 classmates taken from the 1958 Year Book.  What an incredible job they did!  Everyone had an opportunity to admire the work the bakery did . . . we even had total strangers who were walking down the sidewalk from the parking lot asked to come onto the terrace and take pictures of the cake.

Apparently, the baker can print onto an edible "paper" with an edible ink and literally print anything they want onto the cake!
Those were real flowers on the corners and a blue plastic ribbon around the outside

King Estate is located about 15 miles west of Cottage Grove in Lorane off of Territorial Highway.  It is a beautiful place, peaceful and quiet.  King Estate is the largest contiguous organic winery IN THE WORLD!  We were on the North Terrace where it felt totally private . . . only classmates and serve staff.  The pictures below are of the taken from the NE corner of the property showing the Front, view to the North, view to the NE, view to the SE, view to the south and a shot of the N Terrace where we met for the reunion.

The weather really cooperated for the day . . . not too hot . . . not too cold.
This is the view looking to the North taken from just across the entry road by the NE corner of the main building.
King Estate has a lot of acres of vineyard to the NE.
. . . and to the SE.
There are other vinyards and wineries to the South of King Estate.
That's us under the white canopies on the Terrace at the north side of the building.
Closer look at the North Terrace.
A set of poster boards was prepared in remembrance of our lost classmates.
Kay Heath Smith was one of the first to arrive.  It's about noon and we're looking forward to greeting everyone.
More people started showing up.
Terry & Kathy Knouse.
LaVina's husband Marvin Dale Sparhawk.
Terry Nousen.
Margie (Land) Nousen.
Hoyt Burrows.
Sandra (DeYoung) Burrows.
Cathy and Burton Land.
Larry Owen.
Kay Smith checks out the cake while Larry Owen, Terry Knouse and Hoyt Burrows visit in the background.
Larry Owen, Terry & Kathy Knouse and Hoyt Burrows catching up on their recent histories.
The tables were set and ready for the rest of the group to arrive.
Several classmates checked out the Obituaries.
Elaine (Nerlie) Munroe and husband, Tom (the current mayor of Cottage Grove).
Jim Webb chats with Terry Nousen.
Deanna (Decker) Cartmill, Wilma Chaffee and Kay Smith.
LaVina Ericksen Sparhawk.
Mary Warren.
Kay Smith and Sandra Burrows.
Larry Owen, Terry and Kathy Knouse.
Terry and Margie Nousen with Marvin and LaVina Sparhawk.
Mary Burrows Spickelmier (Hoyt's sister), Deanna Cartmill, Sandra Burrows and Kay Smith..
People Start to Gather.
Kathy and Terry Knouse check out the cake.
Rocke Warren talks with Kathy Knouse.
Marie Nousen, Wilma and Lyle Chaffee and Mary Cranmer.
Area is set up and just waiting for classmates to start arriving.
Margie Land Nousen, Sandra DeYoung Burrows, Elaine Nerlie Munroe, Deanna Decker Cartmill and Kay Heath Smith.
Jim Webb, Terry, Tom Kathy and Hoyt.
Katrina Morss Commesso (Richard and Mary's daughter, back to camera), Carol Tonole Thompson, Lyle, Hoyt and others.
Rocke Warren, Cliff Cook and others.
Don Werner, Mary Thiel Cranmer and others.
Don Werner and others.
Don Werner, Hoyt Burrows, Mary Burrows and Jim Webb.
Lyle Chaffee.
Lyle and Wilma Chaffee talking with other classmates.
Dean Cranmer
Cliff (Lee) Cook
Kent Helsdon and Shirey Morgan Helsdon.
Kay Smith, Diana Lindsey, Wilma Chaffee, Deanna Cartmill.
Shirey Morgan Helsdon.
Terry Nousen and Larry Thompson.
Diana Lindsey and Keith Attridge
Larry Thompson, Orval and Julie Mosby.
Everett (Denton) Weaver travelled all the way from Australia to attend the reunion.
Diane and Denton Weaver.
Diane and Denton Weaver.
Keith Attridge.
Diana Wert Lindsey.
Jim Webb snaps some pictures.
Stan Harris, Corolene Corriea and Deanna Cartmill.

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