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Libby has been unable to walk for nearly 10 years and has been living in a Care Facility for the past five years.  Regardless of her physical limitations, she ALWAYS has a cheerful and upbeat countenance and is an inspiration to others!  She is an amazing lady!!

Libby has four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Her daughters, grandchildren, and two sisters live in close proximity to her and, frequently, take her to functions outside the facility.  Libby serves on a Patient Board that field patientsí concerns and recommendations for a better environment.  Besides being very social, Libby likes to read and put together jigsaw puzzles.  She has a custom-made jigsaw board that holds puzzles as large as 2,000 pieces.  Frequently, Staff and friends stop to visit and help with the puzzle.

Libby would enjoy hearing from you (person, phone, mail).  It is difficult for her to return long distance calls.  So, when you leave her a message, tell her what time you plan to call back so that she can be near her phone (or just call and leave her a cheery message!)

(2008)(Written by Annette Monroe Ballinger)

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