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« on: August 19, 2021, 01:50:01 PM »
I thought the Old Schoolmates might be interested in this. Our 51st reunion was the same weekend as the picnic (Picnic in the Park II) and I know we had quite a few people stop by the picnic as well as coming to our events. We are very excited about this piece of news of what we were able to accomplish! This is from an email we sent out to those on our list serve… around 150 classmates. The chairs it mentions were from the old high school auditorium… A couple of our classmates had bid on storage lockers, and found a treasure trove of them! They have restored them… My husband and I even have a set on our front porch.

Wow! We are so excited to let you know that our class, our very generous class, raised over $4,000 to donate to the Cottage Grove Community Foundation to provide scholarships for graduating CGHS 2022 students - and we still have a few donations coming in! The money was raised through ticket sales for the raffle, the auction of the auditorium chairs, and donation given for the cause.

The story behind the auction was great - classmates were bidding against one another and the winner donated it back for another round of bids - this kept happening until we'd raised $900 on the chairs.  Ken Batchelder was the final winner and took them home with him - he was delighted to get them as he not only graduated from the old high school building, but his father and his children did as well - so they are living in a home with lots of CGHS history.
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