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« on: November 23, 2008, 05:37:52 PM »
Having retired from school nursing, Melinda married Dr. Irving Roberts, a retired veterinarian in 2004 and lived with him in Cascade Manor, a retirement home in Eugene.  Living in such a place, where she met so many interesting people and was able to work with the nursing staff in caring for Irving, was quite an experience!  Irving was one of the most intelligent and entertaining persons she had the good fortune to know and with whom she could share her life.  When he passed away Christmas of 2006, Melinda moved back into her North Eugene home where she resumed her gardening and regular trips to the bookstores.

Much of her time for the past 10 years has been spent as a grandmother figure to Jecelia Gonzales, a diabetic student she worked with as a school nurse in Junction City.  She has since moved to Cottage Grove where she is a freshman in the new high school.  Melinda’s goal is to keep Jecelia on track for a college education.  Melinda feels blessed with their relationship and feels she is being kept younger by it.

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